Makeup tricks for new Moms

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Entering into the new role of motherhood definitely brings a lot of joy. At the same time it also brings a lot of sleepless nights, laundry, and less time for the new mom. You completely forget about having time to flat iron or blow dry your hair or being awarded a half hour to consume over your makeup.

This is a perfect time for thinking smart. Here we bring in quick makeup tricks for new Moms:

1. Try the combination: Your morning hours won't allow you to invest long hours in front of mirror so cut it short. Use a tinted moisturizer with added SPF.

This product combines your facial moisturizer, foundation and protection from the sun into one easy-to-apply product. This quick idea will save plenty of your time. Choose a product with at least an SPF 15 to keep your skin safe from the sun's harmful rays.

2. Eye Makeup: we generally end up with horrible makeup result in hurry especially when it comes to applying bold color eye shadow. Choose eye shadow that's similar to your own skin tone. Shades of brown or warm peach are safe. Stay away from eye shadows in shades of red or purple. Those colors tend to make your dark circles even more obvious.

3. Mascara: Even if you are spending your whole day in office opt for waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara usually has more staying power than other types, so one application in the morning will keep your lashes beautiful all day long.

4. Lip Gloss: Applying lipstick requires concentration, time and regular touch up through out the day. Lip gloss is a smart option as it is easy to apply without worry of going outside of the lines. Lots of good brand long-lasting lip glosses are available in market.

5. Set priority: of course when you are running short of time you can't use all makeup items. So judge your face and prioritize which section of your face needs more attention. If your skin is dry and looking life less invest more time on home facial and moisturizer. In case you are awake all night and sick of dark circles, concealer should be the first thing in the list. When your skin looks perfect just add on some colors with eye shadow and lip gloss.

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