Dry Skin and What Causes It

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Dry skin can be unpleasant and may lead to various other complications such as flaking skin and imperfections. In this article, I am going to go over a few reasons which might be the cause of your dry skin.

If you have dry skin then I think it’s safe to presume you have used a moisturizer in the past. The problem here is that you might be using a moisturizer that is not that good, also you may be using it incorrectly.

You need to use a thick and creamy moisturizer that contains no alcohol or fragrances. You should use the moisturizer while your skin is still moist, after cleansing or bathing. Use the moisturizer before your skin dries out entirely but not while it’s still soaking wet.

Cleaning your skin with soap causes it to dry out. Soap strips away the skins protective oils. You ought to use a cleanser that doesn’t contain alcohol or any added perfumes. Anything that leaves your skin feeling tight after use is not good. You should look for cleansers that are labeled as “moisturizing”. An oil based cleanser is also some thing to look out for. If you suffer from dry skin, you need to avoid using any hard scrubs to wash your skin.

Very hot showers or baths could also cause your skin to dry out. Hot water may wash the natural oils out of your skin. You should reduce your time you take in showers and baths and use warm water as opposed to hot water.

Exfoliating too often can cause your skin to dry up. If you have dry skin then you should only exfoliate once a week or twice a week. Be sure not to use any facial scrubs with “organic exfoliants” within them. This is due to the fact that organic scrubs such as scrubs with almond pieces are too sharp and actually damage the skin.

Dry air pulls moisture from the skin. The air is more dry during the winter which is why the skin can be even more dry during this time of year. To deal with this problem, you should moisturize your skin more frequently. You may also make use of a humidifier to add some moisture into the air.

If you are dehydrated then your skin can suffer. You don’t need to go over the top and drink huge volumes of water. This does not actually lower the dryness of the skin past a certain level. Just make sure that you are drinking enough water every single day.

An additional factor that can cause dry skin is not in our control. It is age. As we get older, the number of sebaceous glands that release oil in the pores and skin are reduced. The skins capability to keep hold of moisture is also reduced.

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