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Cosmetic Industry is earning in billions by providing products that change your entire personality. Women often get influenced by attractive advertisements displayed by them where they showcase their vibrant colored lipsticks & blushers. However, the going trend says that most of the women do not prefer false looks and are getting hang of a light and a natural make up to suit their daily life-style.

If you are also one of them who like to wear make up only to look little more graceful but do not want to over-do yourself, you can follow the simple tricks given below:

• Cleaning: Start with cleaning your face and the neck area. Take a little bit amount of cleanser on your finger tip and rub gently to your forehead, cheeks, chin and center of the face. Wipe the face with cotton or soft tissue.

• Moisturizing: Before applying any makeup you must first moisturize for face and neck so that your makeup blends with your skin and does not look dried up.

• Concealer: Apply concealer to your face, especially to the area where the skin tone is darker than the rest of your face. Select the concealer which is yellow in tone as it will mute perfectly to your skin without adding any color.

• Foundation: Add a layer to your skin by applying a foundation which is equipped with sun protection. Before applying foundation, always remember to moisturize your face and soften your lips and the eye area. You should have a foundation which exactly matches with your skin tone. The right foundation is the one which disappears on your face after applying. Take time to discover your foundation as this is the base of your makeup and should be perfectly applied.

• Face Powder: When your face and the neck area is layered with foundation, set it with a face power. Select a translucent compact which is close to your foundation shade. Dab the powder with a sponge and mix evenly. While choosing a powder take into consideration your own skin type, skin tone and skin conditions.

• Blusher: Blush is very important in natural make up, don't use it too much.
Apply a small amount of blush to highlight your cheeks a little. Start with a smile so that you can see the apple of your cheeks. Drag the brush just below the cheek bone in the outwards direction of your face. Pick natural shades like bronze, peach, coral, or gold tones.

• Eyes: Your eyes bring a natural definition to your facial features. Therefore it is very important to highlight your eyes. While applying eye shadow, use small applicator brushes and foam pads. Apply a light dusting of bronze, tan or other shimmery transparent colors for a gentle hint of color. . Start with outlining your eyes with a thin black or brown liner. To properly apply the eyeliner pencil or liquid liner, gently pull the corner of your eye outward, forming a straight line along your lashes.

Starting at the inside corner and working toward the outside, delicately trace a line with the pencil angled toward your lashes. For a natural look stick to a lighter application. Last is the Mascara. Select Mascara as per your lashes. Generally, applying two coats of mascara will give enough definition to lashes to really make a difference. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second one. If you are pale don't use black mascara, try brown.

• Lips: Apply a light foundation (base makeup), evenly, to your lips. Dust a light face powder on them. This will ensure that the lip color stays on longer. Now get the desired shape of your lips with a lip pencil or a lip liner. Ideally the color of the lip liner should match the shade of your lip color or lipstick. Apply the lipstick or lip color to your lips. Always use a brush while applying lipstick. 

• Haircut and haircolour: Don't try anything too symmetric and sharp cut for your hair, they don't look natural. Light curls and waves are better. If you want dye your hair, don't do it with just a one color. Use many shades of a one color, then it will look natural and give your hair more dimension.

Knowing what is just right for you is the key to applying make-up. Even if your skin isn't as flawless as others, you can achieve a natural and gorgeous look by using the right make-up techniques. Understand that a 'natural' look is one that uses colors that are right for your skin tone. How much you use, and where, depends on your personal style.

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