Expensive Hotels 155 Feet Under Ground

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Expensive Hotels 155 Feet Under Ground. Beautiful Eco Bridge In The World.  The Sala Silver Mine once was Sweden’s largest silver mine, however plays host on the deepest hotel suites on the earth. Beaded Skulls Burst with Colour. Found 155 ft below ground, and costing $550 per night, the 2 suites are flanked by 3 stone walls and feature very little else aside from a double bed plus a small sitting area.

The mine also features two dinning rooms which have live entertainment. Across the mine is simply as fun though, featuring high wire adventure tracks but when you’d like to stay underground there’s also possibilities to go cave diving inside the bracing 35 degree Fahrenheit water. However, the resort promises “spectacular scenery,” for those that choose to enjoy the dive. Personally, i am a tad claustrophobic, so I’d choose to stick with the above mentioned floor hotels.

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