Step By Step Guide To Proper Hair Weaving

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You can choose from different techniques in setting up hair extensions like clip-ons, netting, bonding, fusion, or micro ring extensions. Clip-ons are the easiest but not the most secure, while micro ring extensions offers the most seamless natural looking extensions.

A little research will make you more confident in this endeavor. With some research, you will find that hair extension application is no longer a salon exclusive but are also widely available in DIY kits that you can do at home. The simplest thing for you to do would be purchasing micro ring extensions do-it-yourself kits.

If you are concerned about spending a fortune in salons to get a hair extension, then you must not be afraid to try out a DIY micro ring extension kit because it way much cheaper. When you decide to apply your own hair weaves, a lot of things have to be taken into account.

Here are some key questions to ponder on:

Why are you having hair extensions? Your reason for example is thinning hair, it won’t be a good candidate for clip on extensions but, it can benefit from micro ring extensions.

What look do you want to achieve with your hair? Hair extensions give more life and impact to your crowning glory. Would you want to add more length or volume? Or would you like to shorten or lengthen your hair to surprise that special someone.

How much are you willing to spend? Some brands of micro ring hair extensions are more costly than others.

Is your hair strong enough? Obviously, brittle and thinning hair is not very good for extensions.

Since you are thinking of doing the procedure yourself, here’s a step by step process of putting in your micro ring extensions.

Before starting, wash and dry your own hair properly.Making a good foundation to sew or weave your extensions with is one of the first things you have to know. Then you will learn how to weave the rings into your own hair.

Step 1. Separate your hair into sections. You will use your own hair to cover the rings later.

Step 2. Braid your hair making cornrows. Make sure that you braids are small and flat but not too tight. Braid from the hairline down to the nape. You can also braid horizontally if you desire. This depends on how you would like to style your extensions later.

Step 3. Sew your braids beneath the cornrows. The whole row should be sewn in one length to make it easier to remove someday.

Step 4. Sew the hair extensions to the cornrows starting from the nape. Secure your extensions properly by going over a spot a few times when you start and when you reach the end of the cornrows.

Step 5. Repeat sewing until all the cornrows are fully covered.

Step 6. If your kit has a closure piece sew it in place.

Step 7. Style or cut your hair as desired.

This process is very easy to accomplish for someone who had prior experience with DIY hair weave kits. Trying out micro ring extensions is easy and gives you a much simpler way in attaching your hair extensions and adding more zing and pizazz to your hair.

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