Gorgeous Holiday makeup tips

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Who won't enjoy to pose for a stunning photograph during an exciting trip. However you need to look gorgeous while posing. Here are some ideas to dazzle your makeup during this festive time.

 Eye makeup is always a priority. Try sweeping a gold or champagne shadow across your lids for a lighter, brighter look. When you are applying lighter eye shadow color avoid using dark brown eyeliner and mascara, as this can be too much of a contrast with the lighter eye shadow color.

Your eyelashes can bring a dazzling change in your face. Try applying a couple of lashes to the outer corners of your eyes. Follow with a dark liner to hide the application line and a few coats of volumizing mascara. The volumizing mascara will thicken up the rest of your lashes.

Give a smoky touch to your eyes by using blend of black and silver. For easy glam, sweep a silver eye shadow across your lids followed with a black eye shadow in the crease of the eye and outer eyelid.

Use brightening powder that will not only brighten the face, but they also disguise the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Use these carefully under the eyes, along the tops of the cheeks bones to add a delicate shine to your skin.

In order to look good all night some people do frequent trips to the ladies' room to powder your nose which brings additional layers of powder, which can look cakey by the end of the night, try using oil blotting paper. Just dab gently, do not rub the sheets on your face.

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